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My Sunday Gravy

on October 7, 2013

Gravy, what?  When I was growing up red sauce was called Sunday gravy.  I guess that was because we always had it on Sunday. It’s Monday which on my schedule is Sunday.  growing up in my house it was unheard of to mix meat in with the sauce that you put over pasta.  I remember there were three courses.  First came the Pasta with the sauce, then salad with the meat dish.  Whatever was being served as the meat dish, meatballs, Italian sausage, or breaded veal cutlets, that’s when you could mix the sauce with the meat.  Finally it was ” coffee and” that was what we called coffee and cake or dessert.  Now times are different than when I was a kid.  Not to say that tradition should not be carried on, but why not change it up a bit. I like my sauce to have meat and vegetables over my pasta.  A cross between a meat sauce and a Bolognese.  Now when I say vegetables,  the only extra things I’m adding are mushrooms and carrots.  The mushrooms because my boyfriend love, loves them, but the carrots my grandmother taught me. A little carrot in the sauce helps to absorb the acid in the tomatoes.  She also taught me a tablespoon of sugar brings out the sweetness out in the tomatoes, but doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the sauce. I am going to use light brown sugar instead of white for extra flavor.  I’m using San Marzano tomatoes, I think they are the best. Now since I’m getting a little better at this blogging thing, I’m taking step by step pictures of this dish so you can see it from beginning to end.


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