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Let’s Dish!

on September 30, 2013

I am so inspired by so many of the dishes and new products that are out there, and loving to cook and create dishes that show off who I am, but everyone has to start somewhere.  I mean if you feel that you just don’t have it in the kitchen, or just feel that it’s overwhelming,  I think I can help.  A great chef named Micheal Simon said this once, If you can learn a recipe then you can make that one dish but, if you learn a technique you then you can make hundreds.  When I heard that it stuck with me.  So for anyone who wants to get started there are some basic things that I learned,  that helped me  in the kitchen.  I started with getting a few essentials.  a set of graduating bowls, a chef’s knife, a paring knife, a cutting board, a stock pot, measuring cup, measuring spoons, wooden spoon, and  colander.  As time went on, I would invest in different items for the kitchen as my cooking and confidence improved.  Anyway I think technique is where it all starts and practice can only help you to get better. Practice chopping, slicing and dicing different vegetables and you will be amazed  on how that makes your time spent in the kitchen run smoother.  Set yourself up so that your comfortable in your work space and everything you need is in arms reach.  Prepping items that your are going to be using for a particular dish is also important, I would say it’s probably half the battle.  Anyway what makes all of this worth it, is that you put your love into that dish and watching someone taste what you made.  It’s that first expression on their face, the one that says, it’s so good. Well it’s that, that is priceless.


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